18 Ways to a Positive Attitude

Notes from Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude

01. Decide you’re willing to go for it.
02. Decide it will take a year to set a new thought pattern.
03. Start each morning with some positive exposure, wisdom or expressions.
04. Start your day with a positive thought process.
05. Get rid of the negative people in your life.
06. Avoid the negatives.
07. Avoid the violence on TV and in movies.
08. Ignore idiots and zealots.
09. Turn off the TV.
10. Make your own environment.
11. Read books that’ll get you going at the start of the day.
12. Listen to recorded message of positive people.
13. Surround yourself in the external environments that breed success.
14. Create new associations that will boost your desire to be positive.
15. Smile all the time.
16. Respond to everything in the positive.
17. Start everything in the positive.
18. Select one positive message on one opassage.

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