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Can I Give My : common baby cat dog pet tech misc questions answered.

26 May 2013

Problem: You have a question “Can I Give My” baby / dog / cat / pet / etc something. Solution: Can I Give which answers the most common of these questions.

The 12 Most Important Decisions You Must Make Before You Retire

6 January 2009

Notes from How to Retire Happy by Stan Hinden 01. Am I ready to retire? 02. Can I afford to retire? 03. When should I apply for Social Security? 04. How should I take my pension payments? 05. What should I do with the money in my company savings plan? 06. When do I have […]

8 Steps to Make the Right Life Decisions at the Right Times

4 January 2009

Notes from Crunch Time by Ken Lindner 01. Identify the situation that calls for you to make a decision. 02. State what the issue is. 03. Identify, explore, and then apply the appropriate crunch time strategies 04. Identify, explore, and weigh your most important and enhancing values. 05. Explore how your decision will affect your […]