Dead Hard Drive ? Use DTI Hard Drive Recovery

Our list of Top 10 Hard Drive Recovery Services has been viewed nearly 10,000 times.

Scenario: You wake up in the morning and start your desktop / laptop, but the computer won’t boot. The windows screen won’t show up. the power cord is connected and the power light is on, but it won’t boot. You know it’s the hard drive.

Solution 1: Open the desktop / laptop and extract the hard drive and pop it into a USB external enclosure and try reading it on another PC.

Solution 2: If solution 1 doesn’t read the drive, you need DTI Data Recovery. Call Toll Free: 1-866-438-6932 and explain your problem OR fill out the DTI Data Online Quote Form

DTI will give you a free upfront flat rate price quote to recover your hard drive. They offer a data guarantee. And if they are unable to recover the data, there’ll be no charge (for single drives).

DTI offers a RECOVER IT NOW service which has the ability to recover your files remotely. The non-bootable drive needs to be a attached as a slave drive on a Windows 2000/XP/Vista PC and via a DSL/Cable connection, DTI can help you recover your valuable data.

You can mail your drive to DTI in South Pasadena FL for recovery. DTI is one of the few companies that have a class 100 clean room. You can send your own drive-for-data or buy internal / external drive from DTI for the recovered data.

Drives are entered in the database and you can follow the hard drive repair steps via logging in to the Drive Tracker System.

Recovered hard drives come with DTI developed software for recovering all sorts ofdrives, files and data : D.A.R.T. XP Data Recovery – (NTFS), D.A.R.T. File Undelete Software v2007 – (NTFS), Recover It All – Windows, Digital Picture Recovery – (2 Versions), e-Recovery for Outlook Express, RetroBurner – CD-R/RW & DVD-R/RW, Fast File Undelete, Fast File Finder Raw Recovery, Digital Music Recovery, Speed Clone – Hard Drive Duplication Clone Hard Drive Cloner.

Lastly, for the rest of the year, DTI is offering online data recovery training course that usually is for their resellers. It is discounted for the public till the end of the year.

Visit DTI Data

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