How to Create a Strong Password

How to Create a Strong Password

A strong password should meet all three of these criteria:

Choose a Long Phrase

Make all (or some) of the following substitutions

Make changes and pick the first letter of every word

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One Response to “How to Create a Strong Password”

  1. durrson Says:

    The comment:

    Choose one long password for all sites : The best security would be to use a different long password at each site;
    but that’s nearly impossible to do. This is the second best solution.

    Should be deleted, this argument is flawed. If someone chooses the same password for all sites, it only takes a dodgy site or a key logger to gain access to all sites. Rather, use a password template: i.e. “To be or not to be, that is the question” becomes: 2bon2btitq, then for a a profile on a music site, change the password to: 2bon2btitqmusic, for a news site, make your password: 2bon2btitqnews, for a shopping site use: 2bon2btitqshop etc…

    Keeps the same principle as the original article but allows the password to be more secure.