Top 10 Free Music Sites

Top free web-based sites/services to play/collect/listen music/songs/MP3s.


You pick the songs. Put your playlist on your blog with our player widget, it’s the soundtrack for your life and anyone can tune in.


Search for artists / song and play.


imeem is a social network where millions of fans and artists discover new music, videos, and photos.


Create your custom station


Access your music collection from anywhere. connects you with your favorite music, and uses your unique taste to find new music, people, and concerts you’ll like.


Define your mood and music type and start playing music.


MySpace has thousands of local and small musical bands/groups.


Create your station and access it from anywhere.


Search the web for DRM-free music, podcasts, speeches and much more.

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6 Responses to “Top 10 Free Music Sites”

  1. 20个最好的免费音乐分享网站 | 天涯海阁 Says:

    […] 看到Econsultant上面总结了10个最好的基于Web的免费的播放/收听音乐/歌曲/Mp3的在线服务网站。发现上面大部分我都在天涯海阁上面介绍过,所以简单翻译一下,顺便补充10个我了解的在线音乐分享服务网站。 […]

  2. 20个最好的免费音乐分享网站 - 英文站采集 SEO优化 Adsense广告配置 Says:

    […] 看到Econsultant上面总结了10个最好的基于Web的免费的播放/收听音乐/歌曲/Mp3的在线服务网站。发现上面大部分我都在天涯海阁上面介绍过,所以简单翻译一下,顺便补充10个我了解的在线音乐分享服务网站。 […]

  3. 几个免费音乐分享网站(自己做记录用的) | ChrisBo'Blog | 好看的女人都去拍AV了 Says:

    […] 以上部分来源:Top 10 Free Music Sites From:Econsultant […]

  4. 实用网络服务列表分享[1] | 天涯海阁 Says:

    […] 这是根据Econsultant上面总结了10个最好的基于Web的免费的播放/收听音乐/歌曲/Mp3的在线服务网站,然后我又增加了10个我了解的在线音乐分享服务,组成了这个20个在线音乐分享服务网站。包括:Finetune,Grooveshark,Imeem,,Musicovery等等。个人推荐,8Box,Musicovery。 […]

  5. 淹死的鱼 » Blog Archive » 20个免费的音乐分享网站 Says:

    […] 以上部分来源:Top 10 Free Music Sites From:Econsultant […]

  6. 我接触过的国外60个优秀音乐站点 Says:

    […] 以上部分来源:Top 10 Free Music Sites From:Econsultant […]

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