Top 3 Craigslist Multiple Cities Search Sites

These sites let you search multiple cities in Craigs List or search by zipcode or search within some miles of your city.


Your browser sends the search requests directly to craigslist, and the listings you see in the results window are exactly the same as if you’d gone to the craigslist sites and entered the searches manually. (Previously: SearchTempest)

Search All Craig’s

Ever wanted to search ALL craigslist sites at once? (Previously: Search All Craig’s)


Crazedlist allows you to search multiple sites at once. (Previously: Crazedlist)

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2 Responses to “Top 3 Craigslist Multiple Cities Search Sites”

  1. thedizzer Says:

    I don’t see how isn’t on this list, especially over searchallcraigs, which isn’t that spectacular. At least with allofcraigs, you have more search refinement, such as: price, region, category, etc…. Then again, it’s only as good as google wants it to be.

  2. MaryJ Says: has better search with picture previews. In addition, you can also search within specific ZIP/radius, not

    You can reply to postings anonymously and can bookmark results while browsing which is also very convenient

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