Top WordPress Counters Plugins


Use: WordPress plugin to add pageviews counter to blog posts pages

Link: WP-PostViews at

I want a WordPress Plugin to …

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2 Responses to “Top WordPress Counters Plugins”

  1. Yebo Yes, Together we can!!! » Don’t Waste your Time with Professional Web Designers Says:

    […]  add pageviews counter to blog posts pages : WP-PostViews  Suggest some more for this list: Top Counters Plugins  automatically backup blog MySQL database : WP-DB-Backup  backup recover MySQL database : […]

  2. shinephp Says:

    I wish to propose the “Thank You Counter Button WordPress” plugin to include into your plugins directory. Plugin home page is
    Plugin link at is
    This is the visitor’s ‘Thank you’ or ‘I like it’ click counter. For more information visit the above links.

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